Shavuot Search Answers

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  1. Avi. His name is on his kippah.

  2. Connect 4. It is half-open and top on the stack of games and there are 3 pieces on the table.

  3. Jerusalem. The old city walls and the Tower of David are seen in the window. What a view!

  4.  No. The cake is full and there is another piece and crumbs on the table: This should be their second cake and It is really late at night so they must have started dessert a while ago.

  5. Eva. Her name is on the drawing of Har Sinai.

  6. Shemot. The set of the mikraot gedolot on the bookshelf is missing it.

  7. On the table. There is a circle of water and some petals there.

  8. Three. There are two kids in the picture and there is a high chair, so there must be a baby too.

  9. This! If you look closely, they are actually trying to solve this puzzle!

  10. 6! They are eating cheesecake, so they must have had dairy. It is night outside and the clock shows it is 1:23, so they must be learning all night. The moon is a quarter full, just like it always is on Shavuot as it is a little after Rosh Chodesh. They have flowers. Eva drew Har Sinai. They are doing this Shavuot search.




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