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Learn how to draw with ANDiDREW recordings

Recordings are a great way to learn how to draw since you can go at your own pace, plus rewind and pause! The classes below are available for purchase.

“My 8 year old loves these classes! I’d been searching for an online art class for him and this is just perfect! He is learning so many new things and he enjoys every minute of it! I am so happy   that he is gaining the skills and knowledge, and he is very proud of all he has learned so far” -Toby

After you fill out the form below and complete payment, the recording(s) will be sent to your email within 48 hours. For individual immediate purchases, click here.


Buy two recordings* for $14                 Buy three recordings* for $18

*Only for recordings that are normally $8

Payment Options:

Zelle/Quickpay: amgalitzer@gmail.com     |     Paypal: amgalitzer@gmail.com     |      Venmo: @and_i_drew