Parsha Comic Workshop Series

Create Parsha Comics and learn a new cartooning skill with ANDiDREW, the creator of Parsha Comics

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Sample Workshop (Shemot)

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The live class is interactive, the recording was edited so that no participant's faces are included. Join a live class to receive feedback on your drawings, ask questions, and share your comic with the class!

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Workshop Samples

Comics that Andrew drew live in the class. Join a class to draw a comic like this with Andrew live!

Student Gallery

Email art@andidrew.com your child's comic to be featured in the Student Gallery

~ Parent Reviews ~

"My 10 year old son loves it! He actually learns so much while also having fun drawing and writing a comic!”

- Rachel L

“My son enjoyed every one of Andrew’s classes and not only produced a beautiful drawing at the end of each one, but learned valuable art skills as well. He also started his own line of “Gemara Comix” using those same skills and feels confident and proud of his ability to draw, a talent he never knew he possessed until he began taking Andrew’s classes and Parsha comic workshops. Andrew is a wonderful teacher - patient, complimentary and skilled in interacting with kids of all ages. I highly recommend all of his classes!”

- Ellie R

"My 7 year old daughter gained so many new drawing techniques through taking parsha comic classes with Andrew over zoom. I was amazed with her artwork. She has since made many of her own drawings using skill and details acquired from Andrews class.”

- Chana G

What are Parsha Comics?

Parsha Comics are comic strips that summarize the entire Parsha! They can be delivered to your email every week!

The Parsha Comics come as coloring pages too!

Receive the comic strips every week to print and read with your kids. It is both educational and fun!

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