Drawing Classes

Learn how to draw with ANDiDREW!


Learn how to draw something, create a masterpiece, and have have fun in one of Andrew’s interactive drawing classes (live or in-person)!

Classes can be suited to any age and any drawing level!


Party + Group Classes

Group classes are perfect for birthday parties, families, communities, and events!

Private classes start $175. Prices depend on the time, number of participants and age.


To reserve a private class fill out this form, or email art@andidrew.com.


Want a drawing lesson now?

You can purchase drawing class recordings for only $5-$10 / class!

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Parsha Comic Workshop Series

Kids can create their own Torah Comics with instructions from the creator!

In this recorded series, Andrew teaches kids (ages 6-12) how to draw their own Parsha ComicParticipants learn how to make their own comics, review the story of the Parsha and create the very own Parsha Comic!


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Watch sample classes below or view full playlist

How to Draw a Birthday Card class (edited): 

Beit Hamikdash (Full Class Example)

In this free Tisha Bav Drawing class, There were 300 families on Zoom plus over 200 families wathcing on Youtube Live. Watch Andrew keep all 500 families (~800 kids) engaged at the same time!