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Learn how to draw with ANDiDREW!


Learn how to draw something, create a masterpiece, and have have fun in one of Andrew’s interactive drawing classes (live or in-person)!

Classes can be suited to any age and any drawing level!


Party + Group Classes

Group classes are perfect for birthday parties, families, communities, and events!

Private classes start $175. Prices depend on the time, number of participants and age.


To reserve a private class fill out this form, or email art@andidrew.com.


Want a drawing lesson now?

You can purchase drawing class recordings for only $5-$10 / class!

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Parsha Comic Workshop Series

Kids can create their own Torah Comics with instructions from the creator!

In this recorded series, Andrew teaches kids (ages 6-12) how to draw their own Parsha ComicParticipants learn how to make their own comics, review the story of the Parsha and create the very own Parsha Comic!


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Review copies of your books

Rated 5 out of 5
September 10, 2022

An open offer

We would be delighted to receive copies of your new and previously published books for review in the Israel Book Review.

Now in its Jubilee year , the Israel Book Review continues to review books in English and also Hebrew.

We do not charge for our book reviews which are distributed and broadcast to 52 social media platforms .On 29 so far we have at least 200,000 followers . We advertise very extensively to increase our following.We also use AI widgets ,bots and software routines to keep our reviews topical for up to 18 months .

We are interested in reviewing your most current books in the Israel Book Review and also previously published books if you want a late sales uptick that normally follows our widely distributed reviews on social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter.

If we have reviewed your books before can see our previous reviews of your books by inserting in the search box of each page of our website… either your name or the title of your books.Searchs are also available by publishing company .We current have a problem with our website…our book reviews for the years 2019 to 2022…over 10 thousand imploded but are not lost .Google who provide web hosting services for our website are dealing with the issue.


We review over 2500 hard & soft cover books annually on average with record highs of 2,364 in 2018 , 2,476 in 2019 ,2,667 in 2020 and 3087 in 2021. Our reviewers tend to be academics , post graduate students and even retired Israeli Supreme Court Justices include one Chief Justice (mandatory retirement age is 70 in Israel)with an affinity for cook books, detective stories , travelogues and books on the US Constitutional History.Other celebrity reviewers include all three ex Israeli Prime Ministers , including the most recent retiree , who has agreed to review the autobiographies of both his predecessor and those of the Obamas, and key members of the Trump administration . Our reviewers also include many past and even a few present Israel Cabinet and Knesset members with a love for light and cozy Detective and Mystery books no longer than an Agatha Christie’s Hercule Perot or Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe detective story coupled in many cases with an interest in books on General US and in particular Middle East History and Politics . Children books are reviewed by a quartet of Yiddisha Grandmothers with PhD degrees in English Literature …Bubbies as they love to be affectionately called in North America and Bobbas in South Africa and and Australia taking the lead from South Africa . There are today more South African born Jews living in Australia than in South Africa. Just over 27% of our reviews are of children’s books for toddlers to adolescents. Many of our children books reviewers also enjoy both contemporary and historical airport Romances , cozie romances and sagas without a hundred twists and turns of a Henry James novel.Cookbooks, Art books ,Law and Politics, and travelogues are popular gene.

The Israel Book Review prides itself in taking a very Liberal,Libertarian political stance. We do not shy away from any subject.

We review books in English and Hebrew . All book reviews are in English and do not carry the byline of the reviewer. We encourage our reviewers also to publish their reviews in their own personal blogs .

Physical Address

Dr Stephen Darori

Managing Editor

Israel Book Review

Rechov Hachalutzim 12/4

Bat Yam 5935725


Tel 972 52 7234313

Please ensure that parcels are not valued at more than $75.











WhatsApp 972-52-7234313

Our reviews are also posted to many, many, Groups and Pages on Facebook ,Tumblr, Reddit,WhatsApp ,WeChat, Twitter,TikTok and Telegram ,Pinterest which we moderate or are admins of. We also post our book reviews to Amazon book reviews, Google book reviews and Good Reads.We also provide book reviews regularly to over 60 hardcopy newspapers deferring any payment to local charities. Most reviews are posted also to Pinterest and Instagram using the book cover as the link to the book review.

The Israel Book review is a not for profit organization sponsored by wonderful family foundations whose central goal is to get readers to disconnect completely from the internet, cable TV and electronic gaming devices for an hour or two each day and read a hardcover or paperback book .Following our sponsors lead, we do not review ebooks or digital books .Our biennial survey of our considerable mailing list reveals that of the just 3.89 % who own a dedicated ebook device only 3.13% have actually startèd and finished a book using those devices on the last 18 months Amazon Ebook Services took offence recently when we published the results of these bi annual surveys and sent us a lawyers letter which was quickly withdrawn when we provided all the data from the then survey.There has been virtually no variance of those percentages in the last 5 years.Ebooks are clearly highly exaggerated if the goal is not just to sell them but actually to read them.

We do accept unsolicited books for review especially related to politics ,art, economics ,history and children’s books.We particular like to receive and promote the books of lesser known authors of fiction and nonfiction.

Our Physical Address is

Dr Stephen Darori

Managing Editor

Israel Book Review

Rechov Hachalutzim 12/4

Bat Yam 5935725


Tel 052 7234313

Please ensure parcels are not valued at more than $75.

Dr Stephen Darori


Rated 4 out of 5
July 19, 2021

This is the BEST!!!!!

Ita Bloom

Super fun Parsha class!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 31, 2021

Andrew gives a very fun and engaging Parsha class each week. My 10 year old son loves it! He actually learns so much while also having fun drawing and writing a comic! Thank you, Andrew!

Rachel L.

Awesome classes!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 18, 2021

My 8 year old loves these classes!

I’d been searching for an online art class for him and this is just perfect! He is learning so many new things and he enjoys every minute of it! I am so happy that he is gaining the skills and knowledge, and he is very proud of all he has learned so far.


Awesome classes!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 18, 2021

Thanks Andrew for your highly interactive and fun classes! We always look forward to joining!


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Watch sample classes below or view full playlist

How to Draw a Birthday Card class (edited): 

Beit Hamikdash (Full Class Example)

In this free Tisha Bav Drawing class, There were 300 families on Zoom plus over 200 families wathcing on Youtube Live. Watch Andrew keep all 500 families (~800 kids) engaged at the same time!