Fundraising for Parsha War Card Game

Fundraising for Parsha War Card Game




Our Story

The “Parsha War” game was the brainchild of Rami Knapp, a pre-Bar Mitzvah budding Torah scholar, who wanted to combine his passion for trivia, fun facts and studying the Parsha. He learned amazing details about the presidents, wonders of the words, animals and more through trivia card games. So he and his father, a Yeshiva Day School educator, went on a mission to create the “Parsha War” game. 

Divine providence brought Rami and his family together with Andrew Galitzer, who had a similar story: At twelve years old Andrew started drawing Torah comics. After eight years of revisions, he went on to publish the Torah Comic Book and Torah Cartooning Workshops. Together, combining Rami’s dream and Andrew’s creative talent,  they are working on finishing the “Parsha War” game for families all over the world to enjoy.

Project Details

The “Parsha War” game is an educational game featuring 54 Parshiot HaTorah. Each parsha is featured in its own card with five number-based data points that students will master to win the game. The goal of the game is to collect all the cards, which are won when students announce a “category” and the one who holds the highest number in that category receives all the cards in that round. The trick to winning is knowing what is a high number in that category. This, we have found, can be learned very quickly through the competitive and fun medium of the card game. Soon after beginning to play, students learn which Parshiot have higher than average numbers for each category. The categories, as shown on the card, are: 

The five categories are:

1 Parsha #

2 # of Psukkim

3 # of Mitzvot 

4 # of Times Parsha is Read (each year)

5 # of Times Moshe’s Name Appears 

In addition to the number facts about each parsha on the card, each parsha is identified by:

  1. A Torah Comic excerpt depicting a scene from the parsha 

2 A Fun Fact to whet the appetite and spike the curiosity of our learners for more Learning 


Up until this stage, the project has been self-funded and self-created and driven by the unwavering passion for making Torah engaging and meaningful for students. The game has been developed and tested in multiple schools and camps in the tri-state New York, New Jersey area. 

At this time, the support of a sponsor is essential to bring this game to print and production  of a professional standard.  With a sponsor, we can expand the reach of the card game, making it accessible to a wider audience of Jewish schools and institutions. Our anticipated next steps include: Illustration and Design, Editing and Proofing, Printing and Packaging, Marketing and Outreach, Sales and Distribution. 

Sponsorship Opportunities and Levels (please email us for donations over $180)

  • Full Game Sponsorship: $5,000
  • Sefer Sponsorship (Currently, all 5 are available) :  $1000 per Sefer 

For each Sefer dedication, donors can include words to be printed on the inside of the sefer card.

Together, we can make the Parsha War game a reality, bringing great mastery and love of learning the Parshiot HaTorah to children, adults and families all over the Jewish world!


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