I went to Camp Stone, AND I DREW

Welcome Camp Stone parents and campers!

My name is Andrew Galitzer, an artist, cartoonist and drawing teacher who worked at Camp Stone this summer. Unfortunately, some of the bunks didn’t get the ANDiDREW activity. I am offering TWO FREE CLASS RECORDINGS for any Stone family, PLUS discounts on my upcoming LIVE Rosh Hashanah class, Parsha Comics, and Parsha Comic Workshop Packages.  Use the code “CAMPSTONE” for a 10% discount and look below for the free classes.

ANDiDREW’s Camp Stone Sketches:


Free Class Recording:

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This week’s Parsha Comic:


Parsha comics are short comic strips that summarize the Parsha. I have one for every Parsha, I will be publishing the Torah Comic Book soon B”H. You can subscribe for Parsha Comics here or email me to contribute funds towards the publishing process.





I do in fact have ANDiDREW merch. Many of the campers saw me wearing my sweater and really wanted one. You are welcome to buy an ANDiDREW shirt here